Once upon a time... and again.

I used to have a blog, a lifetime or so ago. It was a lot of navel gazing, mostly, and some pretty pictures and song lyrics, but that was what we crazy kids were into at the time. I won't lie, I have missed blogging. I've done Live Journal, Xanga, Blogger, and now here we are at Squarespace. I realize that having a blog as part of my art website may not be the most 'professional' way to do things, but some of my favorite arty type people that I follow online blur the line a little bit and give their followers a bit of a peek behind the curtain into their personal lives and personalities, and I like that. So here we are. There will still be pretty pictures and song lyrics, but I promise I will keep this little corner of the web semi-professional (business casual??) and mostly about art, or at least about things that are awesome. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the site!